Energy minister should not dismiss ideas

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following open letter is to the Minister of Energy, Glenn Thibeault, in reference to a comment he made on April 24, 2017 during Question Period.

Minister of Energy,

I am writing to you about a comment you made on April 24, 2017 during Question Period.

Your response to NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabun’s remark about reversing the sale of Hydro One and asking why the premier won’t put families and businesses first in Ontario instead of the political needs of the Liberal party was, “we have no time to look at pie in the sky ideas.”

Given your recent history in denying there was a hydro crisis and your premier’s admission to the Liberal party and your office making mistakes within the energy file; I would think that dismissing ideas brought forward is reckless on your part, and instead any ideas should be accepted with a bit more grace and humility.

I would remind you, that those same “pie in the sky” ideas have been put forward by constituents, entrepreneurs and innovators. If history has taught us anything it is lofty ideas have given us cures for disease, inventions, art, music and so much more.

Taking into consideration your parties poll numbers, and the damage done to this province in terms of the mismanaged energy file, it would probably serve you much better to consider any ideas that cross your desk, no matter how frivolous or “pie in the sky” you may think they are.

At this time when millions of Ontarians are watching you, and your party, this recent behavior in Queen’s Park is not acceptable of any member let alone a Minister.

So, my question to you, Minister Thibeault, would be what assurances do I have that the Liberal Party is ready to work on behalf of the best interests of my family, and what can your party do to illustrate to me and millions of other voters that the Ontario Liberals are going to embrace all ideas and adopt a more collaborative approach when addressing our province’s dire challenges.”


Tanya Giles
Manitoulin Island