Evansville residents can’t understand why garbage bags dumped on roadside

Molly Ainslie, an Evansville resident, stands beside five large bags of items that someone dumped on Ainslie Road in Burpee-Mills late last month.

EVANSVILLE—An Evansville couple can’t understand why someone would toss five large garbage bags stuffed with all kinds of items on the side of a local road.

“There were five clear bags of garbage, and it looks like someone just heaved them on the side of the road,” stated Marty Ainslie, of Evansville. He and his wife Molly figure the garbage was dumped on the morning of March 23 on Ainslie Road as it hadn’t been there the previous night.

“There were all kinds of stuff in the bags, from diapers, kids stuff, vegetable peels and a lot more,” said Mr. Ainslie.

“It just seems very unusual that someone would just toss five clear bags of garbage on the side of the road,” said Mr. Ainslie. He suggested maybe the person(s) had been at a cottage and didn’t have anywhere to put or store the waste.

The issue was reported to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Burpee-Mills township, with the latter work crew picking up and getting rid of the garbage, Mr. Ainslie told the Recorder.