Every picture tells a story

To the Expositor

Having just read this week’s copy of The Expositor, one particular article stood out for me. ‘River dredging pays off with successful salmon spawn,’ and once again, I would like to thank all involved for the dredging of the mouth of the political Mindemoya River, saving these non-political fish. See what can happen with co-operation and allowing the political waters to flow” I quote from Mr. Brendan O’Farrell, Resource Management Planner with the Sudbury Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). “I saw something I haven’t seen in 25 years, clouds and clouds of salmon fry by the thousands.” Now there is a picture to prove it! What story does this picture tell? Maybe when the mouth of the political Mindemoya River is blocked and only when the non-political fish are there, dredging works. It is now proven by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the MNR, as last week’s paper printed us the picture.

For decades, myself and many others have tried to get the river mouth opened when necessary so the salmon could continue their life cycle. Thank God for Manitoulin Stream’s interest in the community as well as the river’s life.

In 1974, on the front page of The Manitouln Expositor the headline read ‘Young teen catches salmon.’ I was 13-years-old when I caught the dreaded “salmon disease.” I was hooked and for 37 years.

I have fished and watched as the once proud and picturesque Mindemoya River has endured total devastation to the reproduction of all spawning species over the decades. Why? I would hope that lessons have been learned, that there will be water in the spring for the spawning rainbow trout and in the fall for the spawning salmon.

What was the cost to dredge? Let’s just say $1,000? Now divide by the number of salmon fry? One million. A no brainer.

I wish all the best with the ongoing restoration of the Mindemoya River Project over the next decade.

Jamie McDermid

Providence Bay