Excitement grows as Tech Day at CMPS approaches

MINDEMOYA—Central Manitoulin Public School (CMPS) will be hosting a Technology Day this Thursday, February 9 from 10 am until 1:30 pm for all elementary schools on Manitoulin Island. There are four challenges: a 10-foot egg drop, the tallest straw tower, the longest glide by a drop glider, and a mystery challenge that will be revealed at the competition. Each school can have two junior and two senior teams of four students each competing in all events.

CMPS teachers Ms. Alberti and Mr. Leblanc are organizing the event. 

“There are a lot of tech competitions for schools in Sudbury, but because it is expensive to travel there, we miss some of the opportunities to go,” Ms. Alberti explained. “Over the summer Mr. Leblanc and I decided to come up with our own tech competition for Manitoulin.”

“Hopefully we’ll get a good turnout and it becomes an annual event,” added Mr. Leblanc.

Students at CMPS and other schools have been practicing daily to prep for the competition.

“I am very excited for tech day, it should be really fun,” said Regan Hutchinson, a participant in the tech competition. “We have been practicing lots and I think my group has been pretty successful so far,” said Regan Hutchinson.

“My best skill is making the glider,” claims Joe Graham. “I like tech club because I can use my creativity and build things.”

“The most useful skill that they should have and use is communication,” pointed out Mr. Leblanc. “It is important to listen to everyone’s input so you can use all the knowledge and skills each member brings to the build. When you talk, you need to be constructive so you can use and change ideas without being hurtful.”

CMPS looks forward to seeing all the schools and getting everyone involved in the competition. A fundraiser lunch will be available to support the Grade 8 trip. Look to next week’s paper for the winners!