Expositor Valentine Poetry Contest

And the winner is…

Manitoulin Beauty II

You’re as beautiful as the waters
that surround this land.
You’re as beautiful as the rocky shorelines
And the Providence Bay sand.
You’re as beautiful as the bluffs
At the Cup and Saucer Trails.
You’re beautiful like all of our local elders
With their stories and historic tales.
You’re as beautiful as “Ontario’s Prettiest Village”
With its gem, Bridal Veil Falls.
You’re as beautiful as our wildlife,
The bear, the eagle and the wolf with its howling calls.
You’re as beautiful as the world’s largest dreamcatcher,
The world’s largest peace pipe,
And I’ll say it again, you’re as beautiful as the hawberry,
Which I cannot wait to see ripe.
They call this place the heart of the Great Lakes,
Peaceful, tranquil, so picturesque and pretty,
Just like my best friend, my wife,
my Manitoulin Beauty.

For Lisa
“Love You Long Time”
From Mark

Mark Peltier