Failure to report an accident

On May 2nd, 2017 at approximately 2:51 pm Espanola Police received a report of a motor vehicle collision that had just occurred in the parking lot of the recreation complex on Avery Drive.  Police attended to investigate, and it was determined that a male driver had reversed his vehicle and struck the victim’s vehicle, then left the scene without speaking with the vehicle owner or providing his information.  The victim obtained the licence plate from the suspect vehicle as it left the scene, and police were subsequently able to identify the vehicle and driver involved.  As a result of this incident, an 18 year old Sagamok man was charged with the offence of Fail to Report an Accident.

The Espanola Police Service would like to remind the public that anyone involved in an accident is required by law to remain at the scene and provide their information to the other driver involved, as well as police.  Those failing to do so may be charged and face penalties ranging from a fine to incarceration.