Family helps keep life centred for Mr. Hughie Mishibinijima

Hughie Mishibinijima

Hughie Mishibinijima has been working at Andy’s for about nine years, while he was working in the hardware store when The Expositor caught up with him, he has worked in most sections of the busy commercial enterprise that lies at the heart of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territories.

“I’ve worked the hardware side, the gas bar, the Source,” he said. “Pretty much all over.”

When he isn’t helping customers find what they need, Mr. Mishibinijima said that he enjoys “just chilling with family. Play video games sometimes,” he said.

Mr. Mishibinijima said that he hasn’t been much on the hunting or fishing side of things for a while.

Mr. Mishibinijima enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, but isn’t married yet. She currently also works at Andy’s in the office. 

Mr. Mishibinijima has a dog named Rubble and a cat named Churchy but when it comes to how he spends his spare time, it’s his family that comes first and foremost.

Remember, when you shop locally, you are supporting friends and neighbours like Hughie Mishibinijima at Andy’s Hardware in Wiikwemkoong.