Farm Facts & Furrows

by OMAFRA AG Rep Brian Bell

Agricultural Information Atlas

We’re excited to let you know about the latest updates that we made to the Agricultural Information Atlas (AIA). What is the AIA? It’s the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ (OMAFRA) free, easy-to-use online tool that can help you to: Develop nutrient management strategies and plans; plan tile drainage for your farm; develop a farm sketch for Pest Assessment Reports and Bee Yard Registration and other government programs, including the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI). So, what are the changes? The AIA is now housed on a new platform. If you are a current user of the AIA, you’ll need to update your bookmarks to the new URL so you can find the AIA quickly and easily. Better yet, the AIA is now mobile-friendly. Open it up on your phone or tablet for quick access while you’re in the field. Link here:

 Livestock biosecurity workshop

There is a livestock biosecurity workshop scheduled for Tuesday, April 11 in Massey. The workshop will start at 10 am and finish by 3 pm. Michel Champagne is the Workshop Leader for this workshop. He has asked that you register for this course at so that he will know if he has enough participants to go ahead with the workshop. If you have trouble registering, please contact him directly at: Michel Champagne, Workshop Leader (705) 492-2601.