Farm Facts and Furrows Dec 04

Grower Pesticide Safety Course Dates

These dates are all posted on the website at Renewals will be mailed by early December. They also provide an online version of the course running monthly for anyone who cannot attend the scheduled dates. Growers can call for information at 1-800-652-8573 or 519-674-2230.


Growing Forward 2 (GF2)

Through GF2, the federal and Ontario governments are working to help the province’s agri-food industry grow profits, expand markets and manage risk. GF2 will offer practical and flexible programs aimed at helping both start-up and established business to reach their goals. Growing Forward 2 Funding Assistance for Capacity Building is now available for eligible food and agri-products processors. Capacity building activities include skills development, training, audit, assessment and planning. The Growing Forward 2 cost-share funding cap for a single processing business covering both capacity building activities and project implementation is $350,000 over the 5-year time frame of the program (April 2013-March 2018). Get a copy of the Program Guide for Capacity Building Funding Assistance for Processors. Apply for funding assistance through the GF2 Client Portal. Get more information on the Growing Forward 2 Program for Processors. Send an email to to request regular GF2 updates.


Water and food contamination

Water, an essential element for agri-food production, can also be a source of food contamination. Contaminated water can carry and transfer pathogens as well as chemical hazards to crops, livestock, poultry and foods. Here are some general tips to ensure water safety: Assess water sources for food safety risks. Test water through a credited laboratory at least once a year or as frequently as your food safety program requires ensuring that it meets the required quality standards. Treat water if it does not meet the required standards. Keep all records for water test results and treatment methods. Food safety is everyone’s responsibility. To attend one of our free online workshops on water quality and other important food safety topics, visit us at: or call 1-877-424-1300. Food safety practices keep agri-food businesses competitive, productive and sustainable.