Film ‘Overdue’ is in the delivery room

Gore Bay actor Dylon Whyte, second from left, plays Merron Foster in ‘Overdue.’ Also shooting a scene above are Carole Rouleau, playing a nurse receptionist, second assistant camera Holly Good and director of photography Mathieu Taillefer.

MASSEY – In April 2019, a group of dedicated filmmakers from Lapse in Judgment Films and one Australian made a film and now, after a very long gestation period, it is ready to be born. 

Gore Bay actor Dylon Whyte is part of the cast of ‘Overdue,’ which is a hilarious comedy written by award-winning screenwriter Marla J. Hayes (‘Push’ and the NOMFA award winning ‘Nature of the Beast’) and directed by NOMFA nominee Jayson Stewart (‘REZilience’, ‘The Philanthropist’). The film follows two very pregnant couples from completely different backgrounds as they meet up in an OB/GYN office.

The film stars Gillian Fortin, Dylon Whyte, Kyle Kivi, Rachel Noel-Gard and Carole McMurray.

“It is almost ready, it is at the editor’s for a final colour grade and titling,” said Mr. Stewart. “Then we will release it to sponsors, cast and crew and also at the same time to film festivals around the world, where it will continue for 6-12 months then be released to the rest of the world.”

Mr. Stewart pointed out, “the story was written by screenwriter Marla J. Hayes who passed away from cancer earlier this year. She didn’t have the opportunity to see her first screenplay come to life. The film is dedicated to her memory.”

Mr. Whyte had told the Recorder, “‘Overdue’ is a comedy film about an unlikely meeting of two different couples in an obstetrician’s office and what happens when they all meet. Both couples are expecting a baby,” he said, noting there are five actors in the short film, the two couples and the fifth, a waiting room nurse/secretary.

Jayson Stewart of Espanola’s Lapse in Judgment Films told the Recorder previously, “I was looking for something different than the films I usually write and wanted a comedy to film. I posted this on our Facebook page and Marla J. Hayes contacted me from North Bay. She provided me with a script that she said I might be interested in.” 

Ms. Hayes optioned the script to Mr. Stewart for a dollar. 

The two couples include very pregnant women, one seven months along and one who is going to have triplets, explained Mr. Stewart. The two couples differ completely in their characteristics and it provides for some pretty funny scenes.” 

The character of Merron is played by Mr. Whyte, while his ‘couple partner’ is actress Jillian Fortin. 

It has been more than a year since this group of dedicated filmmakers and actors gathered at The Nature Nook in Massey to film ‘Overdue.’  

After losing a few editors along the way, “super-star editor Steve Schmidt jumped on board and is almost done with the post-production work,” a release notes. “The parents are in the delivery room and this baby film is coming, like it or not, and we want you to become a godparent or at least that cool aunt or uncle that everyone loves by supporting our IndieGoGo campaign!”

“We launched the IndieGoGo campaign for part of the production fees,” Mr. Stewart told the Recorder. “Several editors stepped away and we got a fantastic editor, Steve Schmidt who has worked on a Vin Diesel film, who is charging an exceptionally low rate, $2,000 (with the campaign to run until mid-August).”

“We’re very excited about the film release, and Dylon for one is very excited about the project as he had a prominent role in the film,” noted Mr. Stewart.  “We are collecting donations to support the editing, colour correction and titling costs and to help pay for film festival entry fees.”

Contributors can choose from a collection of fantastic perks as a thank you for your support.

 To donate toward ‘Overdue,’ you can go online to find the campaign at