Final approval given by MNR for Lafarge expansion project

Tom Sasvari

The Recorder

MELDRUM BAY—The final approval for the amendment to an official plan to allow for the expansion of the Meldrum Bay Lafarge North America property has been approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and quarry expansions can now proceed.

“I received an email late Friday that the permit has been signed by the Minister of Natural Resources, (Michael Gravelle) so the project is a go,” stated Dana Hewson, senior land manager with Lafarge, on Monday. “The letter was signed by the minister on January 6, and basically a copy of the site plan and a letter goes out, attached with conditions.”

The expansion project, “will help keep employment going at the (Meldrum Bay) location for the foreseeable future,” said Mr. Hewson.

As reported previously, the existing license for the quarry is for approximately 712 hectares, and the proposed extension is for another 928 hectares, with the extraction area being around 590 hectares.

Mr. Hewson said the actual expansion work “will start soon.”