Finance minister responds to mayor’s call to taxpayer action

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter from the Honourable Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Finance, is in response to the December 11 page 4 letter ‘Enniskillen mayor urges OMPF taxpayer action.’

To the Expositor:

Our government is committed to supporting municipalities across Ontario by uploading services, such as Ontario Works and the Ontario Drug Benefits that have weighed heavily on municipal budgets. At the same time, our government has introduced new funding for municipalities through programs such as the Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund.

Working closely with municipalities we recently undertook a review of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) to ensure the funding is stable, consistent and predictable while at the same time targeting it to those municipalities that need it the most.

This year, the Province will provide a total of $550 million in unconditional funding through OMPF to 388 municipalities across the province.

Here in Enniskillen, our government will invest almost $877,300 through the OMPF and uploads in 2014.

By 2014, the benefit to municipalities from our government’s uploads will total over $1.5 billion.

The restructured program will ensure we are better responding to the individual needs of our large and diverse province. Under the redesigned program, certain funds will be targeted to municipalities with more challenging fiscal circumstances. The program will also continue to recognize the unique needs of our rural and northern communities.

Our government is committed to working with local partners to build a stronger Ontario. And we are working with communities to ensure that all of the people in this province have the high-quality services they deserve.

Charles Sousa
Ontario Minister of Finance