First 2014 Haweater a baby boy

AUNDECK OMNI KANING FIRST NATION—Holly Abotossaway of Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation, supported by her husband Troy, gave birth to the first Manitoulin baby of the New Year on Saturday, January 4 at 6:58 pm at the Little Current site of the Manitoulin Health Centre.

Named Tate Abotossaway, the seven-pound newest Haweater is a healthy baby boy with brown eyes and hair.

Though Tate’s delivery was fine, Ms. Abotossaway had a complication and was rushed to Health Sciences North in Sudbury for surgery shortly after giving birth.

Safe and sound back at home in AOK on Monday, The Expositor visited the new mother, child and her family.

“We were both really excited when they told us that Tate was the first baby of the New Year (on the Island),” said Ms. Abotossaway. “We weren’t due until January 17, so it was a surprise, but a good one.”

Tate is the couple’s second child. Their other son, Boston, is 22 months but Boston was born in Sudbury, making the New Year’s baby their first Haweater.

“I am from Michigan, so Boston and I aren’t Haweaters,” joked Ms. Abotossaway. “But Troy is a Haweater and now so is Tate.”

Ms. Abotossaway first came to Manitoulin in 2001, working for Day Star’s summer camp in AOK, meeting her husband during her second summer of work on the Island in 2002.

The couple dated long distance until Ms. Abotossaway moved to the Island as a social worker.

Since giving birth to Boston, she has been a full time mom, while Mr. Abotossaway works for Domtar in Espanola.

Along with their two dogs Cash and Lola, the family enjoys snowmachining, playing hockey, ice fishing, hunting and doing sports together.

“My mom and my brother came down yesterday and we are looking forward to relaxing, settling in and enjoying time with family,” Ms. Abotossaway concluded. “Boston is also looking forward to getting to know his new little brother.”

In addition to Tate, the first home birth of the New Year occurred on Monday, January 6 at 3:58 am.

“She was born in the middle of a blizzard,” said Earlene Angevine of Manitoulin Midwifery on the first home-birthed baby of the New Year. “Her name is Kaysia Hare and she was seven pounds. She is very cute with curly hair and looks just like her mom.”

Kaysia Hare was born to mom Tonya Armstrong and dad Katlin Hare of M’Chigeeng First Nation.

Congratulations to both families and the Island’s newest Haweaters.

 Robin Burridge