First tourists of spring spotted at Green Acres

Lorijn Swakman and her father Olfert Swakman relax soaking up the sun at Green Acres Tent and Trailor Park, a sure sign of spring.

SHEGUIANDAH—For some, robins are the sure harbingers of spring, but for some local resort owners the hardy early tourist shows that Jack Frost’s grip is finally beginning to loosen.

Olfert Swakman and his daughter Lorijn Swakman from the Netherlands were spotted lounging on the grass behind Wade and Barb Kearns restaurant at Green Acres. “They showed up here in their rented Winnebago looking for a campground that is open,” chuckled a bemused Mr. Kearns, whose operation includes a popular tent and trailer park. “We told them they could park out back and we aren’t charging them.”

Ms. Zwakman is studying communication in Toronto and she has only one exam remaining. “There is a couple of weeks before the exam,” she said. “My father came over to visit.”

So, not having seen much of the province herself, being rightfully focussed on her studies, Ms. Zwakman figured they could explore some of the province together.

“It is very nice,” said Mr. Zwakman, assuring that he and his daughter were not the least off-put by the spring weather. Glancing around at the spring runoff surrounding them, the Netherlands visitor noted it was much like home.