Five chief candidates nominated in Sheshegwaning F. N. election

Band chief, council election slated for next month

SHESHEGWANING – Five candidates have been nominated for Sheshegwaning First Nation Chief and twenty-three candidates for the four council seats in the upcoming election to be held in the community.

A nomination meeting for candidates for chief and band council candidates was held last Thursday in the community. 

The current Chief of Sheshegwaning First Nation is Dean Roy, while councillors include Nicole Bush, Alana Endanawas, Marie McLeod and Albert Cada.

Those nominated last week for the position of Band Council chief include incumbent Dean Roy, Alana Endanawas, John Wabegijik, Joe Endanawas and Joseph Laford sr.

The twenty-three candidates nominated for one of the four council positions include Ernest Wabegijik, Jennifer Sampson, Emilio Tomaselli, incumbents Alana Endanawas, Albert Cada, Nicole Bush, Marie McLeod, along with Nancy Cada, Angela Mcleod, Alex Cartegena, Christopher Endanawas, Deanna Sampson, Gregory Sampson, Luke Wabegijik, Robin Malley, Gene Cada, Jessica Sampson, Sabastian Malley, Kaitlyn Tomaselli, Violet Malley, John Wabegijik, Erica Sampson, and Freda Endanawas.

All candidates nominated for election have until October 20 to declare if they will let their name stand for the election, scheduled to take place November 20.