Four running for chief of Sheguiandah First Nation in Nov. election

SHEGUIANDAH FIRST NATION—The nominations for Sheguiandah chief and council were held on Saturday, September 25 with four running for the position of chief and 14 for the three band councillors’ seats.

Those running for the position of chief are Andrew Aguonie, Ron Aguonie, Orville Aguonie and Edward Mishibinijima (Simon) Sr.

For the position of councillor, the 14 nominees include Alison Aguonie, Jake Agoneh, James Atkinson, Jackie Bowerman (incumbent), Constance Donaldson (incumbent), Linda Marie Kagesheongai, Robert Manitowabi, Edward Mishibinijima (Simon) Sr., Melvina Sutton, Georgina Thompson (incumbent), Tim Trudeau, Carrie Waindubence, Nicole Waindubence and Pearl Waindubence.

The nominees have until this Friday, October 2 to decline their nomination and be removed from the ballot, however they can also decline their nomination up until the day of the vote, Friday, November 6. Electoral Officer Cynthia Behm explained that while their names may still appear on the ballot, once the poll is closed and the ballots counted, their votes will not be included in the final tally.

The current council is made up of incumbents Jackie Bowerman, Constance Donaldson and Georgina Thomspon. Chief Richard Shawanda passed away in June, leaving that position vacant at the council table.

The new council will not take effect until November 24 as it was the late chief’s wish to see the new chief and council have a period of orientation with the former council, bringing them up to speed on the goings on of the Sheguiandah First Nation.