Freemason Grand Master will visit Espanola on April 23

The first Masonic Hall in Espanola was situated in an idyllic setting. The Espanola Lodge is celebrating its centenary with a visit from the Mason’s Grand Master on April 25.

ESPANOLA—The Grand Master of Ontario’s more than 43,000 Freemasons says the members of his organization have a responsibility to preserve the rich heritage passed on to them by their forefathers.

Donald Campbell, a superintendent with the Toronto Police Force and installed as Grand Master in July 2013, says it is the Masons themselves who will be the best representatives of what Masonry is all about.

“During my two year term as Grand Master I intend to set three priorities: communication, with a focus on a strong branding of Freemasonry; motivation of existing members; and a constant reminder of the need of the membership to achieve life balance so that they will be able to be good men, always striving to be better.”

Mr. Campbell will be in Espanola on Saturday, April 25 to mark the 100th anniversary of Espanola Lodge with Masons of the area.

Masons need to worry less about attracting new members and more about keeping existing members active so the organization is seen as an important factor in the community, he said. There are some 550 Masonic lodges across Ontario, initiating more than 1,300 new members each year.

“The best communication tool in Freemasonry is the membership,” the Grabd Master said in a press release. “We are the ambassadors to our craft. Our actions, attitudes and first impressions will influence a man who is considering joining Freemasonry.”