Get off Rob Ford’s back

To the Expositor:

Nobody wants to get off Mayor Rob Ford’s back. Well take a look at it this way: at least he was not stealing taxpayers’ money to have his fun and he did save taxpayers’ money in Toronto. Take a look at provincial and federal government politicians, they’re stealing taxpayers’ money to pay for their luxurious ways because they do not like somebody who is trying to do good for the citizens, especially when it comes to your tax dollars. Hydro One is gouging money off citizens and I bet it was the energy minister behind this, giving orders to Hydro One to do this.

Rob Ford has other ideas how to save money for taxpayers and these other politicians do not like that idea. They would rather pocket taxpayers’ money because all levels of government are like that. They always have a way to steal your money and there is nothing you can do about it because they have the power and you gave it to them. They say bullying is against the law, but that’s what they’re doing, they’re self-breaking their own laws—how stupid can you be?

When corporations and industrial companies are getting so many tax breaks, when they should be paying their share of the taxes according to their profits yearly, and no more tax breaks for them, this country would do a lot better and citizens would have more money to spend.

Ron Osawabine