Gilmore family performs ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ on Mid-Canada Television

The local father-son duo of Ejay and Jeff Gilmore performed the Toy Story song ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’ on MCTV News in Sudbury last week to rave reviews.

LONG BAY – It’s to be determined if this duo is going to win the Manitoulin’s Got Talent show being held as part of the Providence Bay Agricultural Fair this weekend, but seven-year-old Ejay Gilmore and his father, Jeff, were already featured on MCTV News in Sudbury last week. 

“Ejay and Jeff had been recruited by Karlene Scott for this year’s Manitoulin’s Got Talent show,” Leeanne Bailey, Ejay’s mother, told the Recorder. 

Ms. Bailey pointed out, “when I asked Ejay about performing with Jeff for the talent show, he said, ‘I’m kind of shy, mom, and I don’t know if I want to sing in front of people.’ But with COVID-19 and this show being virtual I said this is a perfect opportunity for you because you won’t have to actually perform in front of people because this is going to be on video. He said that would be alright.” 

Ejay and Jeff sang the Toy Story song, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me.’

Jeff Gilmore told the Recorder, “we received a real nice response from MCTV to the song we performed.” He explained that originally he had no thought of sending it to CTV. “I shared the song that Ejay and I did for the Prov Fair with one of my co-workers (Maureen Dumond) on Thursday morning and she said ‘I’m going to send this to MCTV,’ and they ended up putting it on the telecast that evening.” 

“Brendan Connor sent me an email stating, “thanks a ton for sending this,” said Mr. Gilmore.

Ms. Bailey noted, “Ejay is in the Gore Bay United Church Choir. He loves Maureen Armstrong (choir director), and really enjoys being in the choir.”

Ejay is the young boy who, earlier this year when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, noticed that people were making hearts and posting them on the windows of their homes. He and his mother made hearts and put them in the mailboxes of neighbours near their home in Evansville at the time.

And this past Saturday Ejay and his father took part in the Gore Bay Rotary Club Bay to Bay Century Ride to raise funds for the Food Cupboard at the Lyons Memorial United Church in Gore Bay. They biked six kilometres of the ride. “Ejay had a really amazing week this week and the reason for that is people like Karlene and Maureen and MCTV, Peter Carter and Laurie Zahnow, and all of the riders who made him part of the excitement (as part of the Bay to Bay Ride). He got so much positive feedback for his signs (he had posted to encourage the riders) and his six kilometres that he (and his father) rode. He made some really amazing memories because he is surrounded by a community of wonderful friends and family. We couldn’t be more grateful,” said Ms. Bailey.