Glen Hare to stand with TEK Elders group

M’CHIGEENG—Anishinabek Nation Deputy Grand Council Chief Glen Hare said he will be standing with members of the (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) (TEK) Elders group at a peaceful demonstration at Queen’s Park in Toronto later this month, concerning banning herbicide use in forest management and aerial and on ground spraying.

“Yes, I will be attending the peaceful demonstration at the end of May. I’ve been with the TEK Elders side on this issue since it started,” stated Deputy Chief Hare, last Friday. “We are not just standing up for people in the Robinson Huron Treaty area, but residents in the North Shore and Manitoulin areas and beyond in saying no to herbicide use in forest management and any type of aerial or ground spraying of these herbicides.”

“The last time we held a  similar peaceful demonstration it was in Ottawa and now the TEK Elders are taking this to Queen’s Park,” said Deputy Grand Chief Hare. He feels, “we are on the right track and I know of a couple of areas the government is working with First Nations; where can do our own control of grow of vegetation, forest and trees, without spraying. This is the way things need to be done. The spraying of these herbicides is killing a lot of plants, affecting the water, and animals. Studies have shown this is the case.”

“All herbicide use and aerial spraying has been banned in two or three provinces in Canada,” stated Deputy Grand Chief Hare. “So why is it still good to use here in Ontario? We’re against it and have the same concerns as the TEK Elders.”