Go Fund Me account set up to raise funds to bring Lester B. Pearson collection to museum

This is a photo of the Lester B. Pearson artifacts collection in the Laurier House in Ottawa. The Old Mill Heritage Centre in Kagawong has received permission, on loan, to display Lester B. Pearson artifacts in the museum this summer, and work is being carried out in the museum to have the display be similar to the one in the Laurier House.

KAGAWONG—A Go Fund Me fundraising account has now been set up to raise funds to bring the Lester B. Pearson artifacts collection to the Old Mill Heritage Centre in Kagawong this summer. A goal of $10,000 has to be raised for the heritage centre to host the display of artifacts, on loan from the National Archives of Canada.

“The Old Mill Heritage Centre in Kagawong is asking for your help in creating the following event at our small but dynamic museum,” the Go Fund Me site explains. “We have the privilege of hosting this exhibit, but lack the funds to cover the safe transportation and additional security need for the artifacts. There is also archival quality lighting and building materials for displays that require funds the museum does not have at their disposal. The Heritage Centre attracts thousands of visitors and we are sure this display will be a main attraction to many people this summer. The goal to cover the exhibits costs is $10,000. Please help us by donating for this historic event.”

“As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration, the Billings Museum Board is excited and honoured to be presenting an exhibit featuring the life of one of Canada’s former Prime Ministers-The Right Honourable Lester B. Pearson,” the site continues. “The National Archives of Canada will be providing 159 artifacts for the display. These artifacts will include Lester B. Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize.”

It is further explained the Heritage Centre’s display of the Pearson Collection is being constructed to look as it did in Laurier House in Ottawa. At this time the museum is being renovated to accommodate the arrival of all of these items.

“Mr. Pearson’s family has been very supportive in having the artifacts from the Ottawa archives be on loan and displayed at the Old Mill Heritage Centre in Kagawong from May to October,” the site continues. “Patricia Pearson the grand-daughter of Lester B. Pearson has confirmed she will be in attendance at the annual History Day event in Kagawong as a guest speaker.”

“While the main exhibit will feature the Lester B. Pearson Collection, there will be an additional display honouring Senator Thomas Farquhar who gave up his seat in the Algoma-Manitoulin riding for Mr. Pearson to run in this area.” It was also pointed out, “the Heritage Centre will also be celebrating the life of our own Mayor Austin Hunt, who will be properly acknowledged in the exhibit and on History Day, August 10. For instance, there is rare footage of a field trip where Mr. Hunt took local students to Ottawa to visit Prime Minister Pearson. The film is being digitized, will be 20 minutes in length, and will be featured on History Day.”

To support the Lester B. Pearson and Canadian flag exhibit, you can go to the Go Fund Me account which is also located on the Kagawong museum website at kagawongmuseum.ca and follow the links (look for a picture of Lester B. Pearson); or on https://www.gofundme.com/lester-b-pearson-and-canadian-flag