Gordon’s Manitoulin Island Country Club will be sold

Finding the perfect green is easy on Manitoulin with so many great golf courses to choose from.

GORDON-BARRIE ISLAND—The municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island has begun the process of divesting and selling the Manitoulin Island Country Club (MICC) to a prospective purchaser.

“We as council have decided to divest of the MICC (Manitoulin Island Country Club) assets and are about to enter negotiations with a prospective buyer to ensure the long-term viability of the MICC,” stated Lee Hayden, reeve of Gordon-Barrie Island, last week.

At its last regular meeting, council went in camera and passed a resolution on the issue which states in part: “Whereas the corporation of the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island (the municipality) has owned/operated the Manitoulin Island Country Club (the golf course) since February 2012; and the municipality has operated the golf course within the spirit and intention of the tenants of purchase and sale; whereas the ongoing capital costs are increasingly burdensome for the municipality and the municipality deems it prudent to dispose of this assert to an owner who will continue to operate a public golf course on the property, as it is in the best interest of the municipality.”

The resolution notes that the municipality had entered into a First Right of Refusal Agreement with the Manitoulin Island Country Club (MICC) when the golf course property was transferred to the municipality; “and whereas the municipality wishes to invoke the notice provisions contained therein; now therefore be it resolved that the Corporation of the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island hereby directs the municipal clerk to give formal notice to the MICC pursuant to the First Right of Refusal Agreement; and be it further resolved that the council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island further directs the reeve and municipal clerk to execute/authorize any documents as may be required to carry out this direction.”

“On a good year to date the MICC would cover its operating costs but never enough revenue for any capital purchases,” said Reeve Hayden. “And in a bad year it lost money in general operations.”

Reeve Hayden explained, “the first obstacle to overcome in this transaction is the first right of refusal clause. The MICC members must decide if they will exercise this option.”

“It is council’s strong belief that the best for the long term viability of the MIC is with the potential sale/purchase,” stated Reeve Hayden. “A meeting will need to take place of the club members to decide if they want to exercise the first right of refusal.”