Gore Bay actor featured in comedy film, ‘Overdue’

Gore Bay actor Dylon Whyte, second from left in photo played the role of Merron Foster in a scene from the movie “Overdue.” Also in photo is Carole Rouleau playing the role of nurse receptionist, Holly Good (second assistant camera) and director of photography Mathieu Taillefer.

GORE BAY – Gore Bay actor Dylon Whyte took part in the filming of the new movie, ‘Overdue,’ that shot in Massey this past weekend. 

‘Overdue’ is a comedy film about an unlikely meeting of two different couples in an obstetrician’s office and what happens when they all meet,” Mr. Whyte told the Recorder. “Both couples are expecting a baby,” he said, noting there are five actors in the short film, the two couples and the fifth a waiting room nurse-secretary.”

Mr. Whyte said, “I play the role of Merron.”

Jayson Stewart, of Espanola’s Lapse in Judgment Films, told the Recorder, “I was looking for something different than the films I usually write and wanted a comedy to film. I posted this on our Facebook last fall and Marla J. Hayes, an award-winning screenwriter and novelist, contacted me from North Bay. “She provided me with a script that she said I might be interested in.”

“She optioned this script to me for a year for a dollar to see if it would could come to fruition,” Mr. Stewart told the Recorder. 

“Basically the move is about two couples, one being a loose definition of a couple, but two couples with very pregnant women, one seven months along and one who is going to have triplets,” explained Mr. Stewart. “The two couples differ completely in their characteristics and it provides for some pretty funny scenes.” 

The character of Merron is played by Mr. Whyte, while his ‘couple partner’ is actress Jillian Fortin. The film also includes actors Kyle Kivi, Rachel Noel-Gard and Carole McMurray.

“We are shooting for the film to be about 15 minutes in length,” said Mr. Stewart, “this is the only film I’ve produced that has no background action. I will be pitching the film at film festivals across the world, including this one and ‘The Philanthropist’ (which also starred Mr. Whyte) at Cinefest this year.”

“Because it is not the spooky film that I normally do, ‘Overdue’ is much more for a general audience,” added Mr. Stewart.