Gore Bay celebrates 29th annual curfle bonspiel

The winners of the 29th Gore Bay Curling Club curffle bonspiel are, from left, Bill Clark, Richard Noble and Drew Purvis and Peg Clark.

GORE BAY—It is one of the great events held on Manitoulin Island, specifically Gore Bay, every year. One that is enjoyed by the people who have participated in the Gore Bay Curffle event over its 29 years.

“First of all I would like to thank the Gore Bay Curling Club for letting us put on this event,” stated co-organizer Bill Clark. “And Dan Marois who looked after the ice along with Eric Ruediger, and Sandie Merrylees, Kim Orford and Elva Carter, who worked in the kitchen, and all those who donated and prizes.”

Mr. Clark noted that along with the trophy indicating who has won at previous curffle events, there is a plaque in the curling club, in memory of all those former participants who have passed on. “Unfortunately, we lost four (past curfflers) this past year,” said Mr. Clark, noting Joey Chamberland, Bill Graham, Andy Prior and Ted Culgin have passed on within the past year. “We wish all of you were here this year.”

“Now, I want everyone here to turn to your left or your right and shake the hand of the person standing beside you; because it is all of you that makes curffle what it is,” stated Mr. Clark.

“Everyone who participates is a winner,” said Peggy Clark. “All you guys make it all worthwhile.”

Ms. Clark presented the first event with the first place award going to the team of Drew Purvis and Richard Noble. “We would like to thank Bill and Peg and everyone who helped to put on this event,” said Mr. Purvis. “And thanks to all the great competitors who took part.”

The runner-up in the first event was the team of Sue Whynott and Steve Head.

The second event championship was won by Blake Roque and Mike Dubreuil.

“Not too many young kids play and win in curffle,” said Ms. Clark in congratulating the runners-up in the second event, the team of Harrison Noble and Chris Lajambe.

In the third event the team of Brian and Louise Dittmar took first place, with the team of Diane Newlands and Nancy Head as the runners-up.

“Like we said before we would like to thank everyone who helped on the ice, kitchen and bar,” said Ms. Clark.

Mr. Clark noted, “next year will be the 30th anniversary of curffle, and will take place over the Easter weekend. It will be a real wing dinger. Peg and I will be stepping down a little from organizing and Hye Clark and Holly (Clark) will take over,” said Mr. Clark. “We love you all.”

“On behalf of the Gore Bay Curling Club I would like to thank Bill and Peg and all the organizers for putting this event on,” said Sandie Merrylees. “A lot of work goes into it, especially in 29 years. We would not be a club without this event every year, as the event makes a lot of money for the club. We just want to thank Bill and Peg for all they have done and the new generation that is coming forward to take this on,” she said as everyone stood and gave Bill and Peg Clark a standing ovation.

A total of 48 teams and 96 players participated in this year’s curffle.