Gore Bay council agrees ‘no parking’ signs are necessary


GORE BAY – No parking signs will be posted on the road directly in front of the Gore Bay post office steps to curtail a problem with the practice of people parking in the area.

“I wanted to bring up the issue of the parking situation in front of the (Canada) post office,” stated Gore Bay Councillor Jack Clark at a regular council meeting held this past Monday. “The no parking area is badly abused,” he said. There are currently no parking messages on the pavement in front of the post office, however they over time have worn off and are totally obscured by snow on it in the winter. 

Mr. Clark said that people have been using the no parking spot. He said it is dangerous if a vehicle is parked there and someone could slip and fall under a vehicle having to go around a vehicle or step over a snowbank, and a bigger problem is that anyone coming up on the intersection will have their sight lines reduced and will have to move out further into traffic if they can’t see oncoming traffic because of a vehicle being parked in front of the building. 

Mr. Clark said he would like town bylaw enforcement officer Arthur Moran to monitor the area and issue warnings if people are parking illegally in front of the post office building. And, if need be, fines could be imposed in the future if someone continues the practice after no parking signs are erected. 

“I agree the best way to handle this issue is by putting up signage, and having this monitored,” stated Mayor Dan Osborne, prior to council giving the go-ahead to the suggestions made by Councillor Clark.