Gore Bay council will allow Starlink internet to be installed at community hall


However, town refuses to share in the cost

GORE BAY – The Town of Gore Bay will accept Infrastructure Ontario (IO) installing Starlink internet to the community hall if Provincial Offences Act (POA) court cases are considered for this location, but have indicated they will not be sharing in the costs. 

“This cost they are presenting seems crazy expensive,” stated Councillor Kevin Woestenenk at a council meeting last week. “I don’t see why we would want to share that expense.”

The town received a letter from an IO property and land management service representative in May. “IO is now leaning toward the hall (community hall rental to hold POA court) and have asked me to inquire. The quickest and best solution is to go with Starlink internet.” However, the IO letter continued, “there are a couple of questions we need to respond to before we can move forward. Would the town be agreeable to allowing us to install a satellite on the roof? In addition to the satellite being installed, we would need to run the cabling from the roof into the building. Are they okay with this? As well, the Ministry of the Attorney General is installing the satellite for their use, however if the town has a need (for this service) would they want to cost share? The one-time cost of the hardware is about $4,000. The monthly charge is $650 for commercial use.”

“I have no problem with them having Starlink internet installed and set up, if they are willing to spend the money, but I don’t think we need to be sharing in the costs,” said Mayor Dan Osborne.

Council passed a motion that it approves the request to have the internet installed, but the town will not be sharing in the costs. 

The Gore Bay community hall is still being considered as an alternative for POA court.