Gore Bay council would like proposed new apartment units to be ‘family-style’


GORE BAY – Gore Bay town council indicated it would like to see multi-room units included in a proposed 40-unit apartment type-structure in the town, instead of just single unit apartments.

“Short of saying what size of units the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) are looking at, this is the only input we can provide at this stage of the project,” stated Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne at a council meeting last week.  “We can say we want all family-type two-bedroom units, and some three-bedroom units but they can come back and say that’s what should have been said at the start.” 

Gore Bay Town Clerk Stasia Carr told council the OAHS housing proposal, “is moving forward, they have the traffic study and environment-conservation studies reports to complete. They have indicated they will not get the architectural design completed until they know it’s going through.”

“I think it should be family-style housing,” said Councillor Jack Clark. 

Mayor Osborne noted OAHS had originally proposed single-unit apartment style housing.

“This would not be good for us,” said Councillor Kevin Woestenenk.

Council indicated as well it would like to see a design for the building before the project continues to proceed. 

“We can say we don’t want all one room units, they must have an idea what we would like to see,” said Mayor Osborne. He noted the town does have a height restrictions policy for buildings to be constructed, with the maximum being between 10-12 metres.

Mayor Osborne noted OAHS has yet not carried out a water and sewer report study on the property. 

Councillor Clark said, “I don’t think they (OAHS) will get close to meeting the fire code standards at this point unless they make changes to their proposal.”  

“So, we are going to contact them to let them know that we would be in favour of multi-units housing and see what their reaction is to that,” said Mayor Osborne. 

“So, council would like more family-type dwellings,” said Ms.  Carr. 

“We would prefer that,” added Mayor Osborne.

As was reported previously, Gore Bay council gave its approval to amend a zoning bylaw toward the development of a proposed 40-unit apartment building in the town (with conditions) in consideration of the main concerns raised by residents on Hall Street. The considerations include studies on mitigation to flooding, conservation at Bickell’s Creek, an environmental study to be carried out, approval of the building design, water-sewer capacity report and a traffic study. All have to be in place and council has to be satisfied with the information provided for the project to move forward.