Gore Bay couple’s fish fry to benefit Strawberry Point Christian Camp

Some of the 24 people on hand for the annual fish fry put on by Larry Morrison and Jennie Idle in Gore Bay, relax prior to dinner this summer.

GORE BAY—A Gore Bay couple invite a group of their motorcycle friends from on and off-Island every year for a fish fry that ends up helping to benefit a local individual, family or organization.

“Jennie (Idle) and I have held this fish fry on an annual basis for four years now that we put on for our biker friends,” said Larry Morrison. “Since the second year we held this fish fry we put a donation jar on a table and whatever is collected we give out to someone or a group that needs some help.”

At the annual fish fry this year, held recently at the Gore Bay couple’s home, “we had a total of 16 bikers and 24 people in total on hand. Most of the people are from the Barrie area, with one person from Massey, another from Guelph and some from the Island,” said Mr. Morrison.     

“So for the past three years we’ve had a donation jar at the event and always give this to someone or a fitting organization,” continued Mr. Morrison. “This year the funds in the donation jar are going to the Strawberry Point Christian Camp.” He explained, “Joel Lock is the camp manager and minister of the Manitoulin Community Church. He’s been doing this for the past 10 years.”

Mr. Morrison and Ms. Idle provided all the food for the fish fry, except for home made buns donated by Perry Patterson. “Perry said if we were going to help out the Strawberry Point Christian Camp that he would make this contribution to the fish fry,” he said.

The Port-A-Potty and wash station was donated by Shaw’s Septic, said Mr. Morrison. “Denise White and Al Kostecki of Al’s Corner Garage let us get all our supplies from Massey Wholesale through them, so we got a deal.” The fresh whitefish for the meal was purchased from Hore’s Fishery he said, noting, “and a couple of Randy Noble’s employees from his company put up a canopy shelter for the event, with no charge.”

“It’s interesting that one of the people who always attends the fish fry, when told where the donation jar funds are going this year, said his dad always told him ‘give to someone that needs it rather than someone who wants help.’ This is so appropriate,” stated Mr. Morrison.

“We want to thank everyone who came to the fish fry and helped out,” said Mr. Morrison. “Special thanks to Corey and Sarah Anderson who helped out with the preparations prior to the dinner party   and to head chef Andrew Culgin who cooked the fish. And a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and everyone for their gracious donations and we need to add in there that  all these people rode through rain to get here and back, some from as far away as Barrie.”  All those in attendance of the fish fry tented overnight in the Morrison-Idle backyard.

The Strawberry Point Christian Camp will receive $400 from the donation jar.