Gore Bay Fire Department puts out unusual grass fire on Barrie Island

A Gordon-Barrie Island field was doused by the Gore Bay Fire Department on Thursday, July 30.

BARRIE ISLAND – It was an unusual type of fire, but one that could have had the potential to be a very bad blaze, says the fire chief of the Gore Bay/Gordon Barrie Island joint volunteer fire department of the fire that was responded to last week on Barrie Island.

“It was a really unusual grass fire, it was about one kilometre long along side the roadside to the fence,” said Fire Chief Mike Addison. “I can’t explain it, the fire was in such a long stretch, but there were gaps with the fire along the one kilometre.”

“It only burnt to the fence area,” said Mr. Addison. “It is possible a piece of (farm) equipment that went by ignited the grass, or someone driving by that stretch was throwing sparks from their vehicle, or even someone lighting the grass in a few places,” continued Mr. Addison. He pointed out the blaze took place on the East Line (10th and 15th concession roads) just west of the Barrie Island community hall.
Mr. Addison noted the firefighters had help from several farmers who had cattle in the fields to douse the flames. “We had the fire out in about an hour,” he said, noting the fire department received a call of the fire at about 1 pm on Thursday, July 30.

“We can’t explain the source of ignition for the fire,” said Mr. Addison. 

“Fortunately the fire was not that serious and we were able to get it under control in good order; especially since the ground is so dry,” added Mr. Addison.