Gore Bay fireworks display will include dedication to men and women of Island law enforcement


Special tribute to Constable Marc Hovingh

GORE BAY – The Gore Bay fireworks display to take place this Saturday evening, August 28, on the town waterfront, will include a dedication to the men and women of Manitoulin Island law enforcement and a special tribute to the late Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Provincial Constable Marc Hovingh.

“When we as firefighters (first responders, OPP officers, firefighters and other as well as members of the community) lined the streets when Constable Marc Hovingh’s body was being returned to the Island it hit me, that we have had OPP officers shot at, not hurt, and then this where he was shot and killed in the line of duty,” said Gore Bay firefighter Duncan Sinclair.

“As firefighters we are always hailed as the heroes saving someone’s house or baby, but in the case of the police they are not usually recognized as heroes. Maybe this needs to change. We want them to know how very much they are appreciated (noting there is a new hashtag that is gaining prominence, #i’vegotyourback911),” said Mr. Sinclair. 

“I started thinking that maybe we could have some sort of a tribute at the fireworks,” said Mr. Sinclair. “So, I brought forward the idea to (fellow firefighter) John Baker, who had served in the military, and Fire Chief Mike Addison and they both loved the idea. Next, I went to John Robertson of the OPP, and he liked the idea as well.”

Mr. Sinclair then “contacted Constable Hovingh’s wife Lianne to make sure she was okay with the tribute taking place. She loved the idea as well and said she would be happy with anything that helps to keep Marc’s memory alive.”  

Mr. Sinclair had reached out to the OPP this past spring about the idea, and he explained as part of the fireworks display there will be a tribute to the men and women of the OPP in the colours of blue and gold; along with that there will be an added special tribute in memory of Constable Hovingh. He noted Lianne Hovingh will be in attendance at the fireworks display.