Gore Bay fisherman catches massive lake trout

Massive fish! Gord Smith of Gore Bay, right in photo, recently landed this 41 pound lake trout on a recent fishing trip to the Northwest Territories. PHOTO PROVIDED

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES – A Gore Bay fisherman caught a massive lake trout on a fishing trip with he and a group of his friends last week. 

“It was fun catching this fish,” stated Gord Smith, who caught a very impressive 41-pound lake trout while on the fishing trip, “in Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories.”
Mr. Smith quipped that among the 38 fishermen on hand for the trip, “there were many ‘experts’ in fishing, with their fly rods and other fish catching equipment,” but his catch of 41 pounds outdistanced the person that caught the next heaviest lake trout at 22 pounds. 

“It was a great trip, we spent five days fishing on Great Bear Lake, and two days fishing for Arctic char at Tree River in Nunavut,” said Mr. Smith. He pointed out the fishing group stayed at Plummers Lodge, an iconic Canadian fishing lodge which first opened up in the 1930s.

“My cousin and I take part in a fly-in fishing event every year in different places,” continued Mr. Smith. He pointed out the fish they catch are on a catch and release basis.