Gore Bay-Western Manitoulin Lions encourage community members to join club

GORE BAY – While there is not a threat at this point of the Gore Bay-Western Manitoulin Lions Club folding because of a lack of members, new members are definitely needed and welcomed by the club.

“I think we are currently under 20 members in the club,” said Larry Hunter, treasurer of the Lions Club in an interview with the Recorder last week. “And it would definitely be nice if we could get some new younger people to join the club. The majority of our current members are 65 plus.”

“No, we are definitely not there (looking at folding),” said Mr. Hunter. He pointed out that anyone joining the club does not have to take on one of the club’s executive positions when they join; they can gradually get comfortable with being a member of the club at first. “But if they want, new members can take on executive positions,” he said. “Debbie Moore took over as president last year and hadn’t done this before. Every year is just like starting a new group with someone having to be the president, secretary and so on every year.”

He noted for this year all executive positions have been filled.

The Lions hold one business meeting per month, on the second Tuesday, and an optional dinner meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

“Our two biggest fundraisers during the year are both held in July, our annual Lionsfest celebrations and helping out at the annual Gore Bay Harbour Days festival,” continued Mr. Hunter. 

“We have a lot of fun in the Lions Club,” stated Mr. Hunter. 

He said the Lions Club’s functions and fundraising activities go towards helping many in the community. “We help out the local community, a lot of organizations, youth, and we donate to charitable causes: Manitoulin Food Bank, Manitoulin Family Resources, Manitoulin Special Olympics and the Angel Bus every year, for example. We also provide funds for the Strawberry Point Christian Camp, support the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) Eye Van,” said Mr. Hunter. The Lions Club members also maintain the Harold Noble Memorial Lookout Park on the East Bluff just outside of Gore Bay.

Every year, the club also helps provide funding to the Gore Bay Medical Centre, said Mr. Hunter. He personally looks after the generator and services it at the medical centre and the Lions Club covers the cost of materials.

“Every year we sell medallions and ornaments, which this year feature the swing bridge in Little Current,” continued Mr. Hunter. “We didn’t get the year stamped on the medallions themselves but the box they come in has the year on it. This will allow us to sell the medallions for a longer time. The swing bridge medallions can be purchased at the Manitoulin West Recorder office as well as from Lions Club members.

“And again this year we will be holding our 50/50 cash draw,” said Mr. Hunter.