Gore Bay youth raises money for Relay for Life

Patrick McCann, fourth from left in photo, and members of his team the “Crazy Canadian Kids” raised a total of $1,640 for the MSS Relay for Life event.

GORE BAY—Just think back to your 11th birthday; for most youngsters at that age a whole bevy of presents and a party are what they are looking for to celebrate this special occasion, no doubt.

But for Gore Bay’s Patrick McCann, generosity and helping others was the route he took for his birthday. His birthday, June 2, was also the date that the Manitoulin Secondary School Relay for Life was held.

So, instead of presents Mr. McCann invited some of his friends to canvas for funds to raise for the Relay for Life event, take part in the event, and in turn raise money for the Cancer Society.

And, his team raised an amazing $1,640. Mr. McCann told the Recorder, “a few years ago I came here to take part in the Relay for Life. And then my mom (Dawn) put out the idea of what we could do.”

He acknowledged “at first I didn’t want to do this, then I did, then I didn’t,” said Mr. McCann. “But finally I made up my mind that this is what I was going to do. So instead of a party we canvassed for donations for the Relay and raised $1,640.”