Government encourages kids to enjoy nature with new Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter

ONTARIO—The Province of Ontario has partnered with numerous outdoor organizations and the Ontario Trillium Foundation to launch the Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter aimed at encouraging children to “get outside and discover the wonders of nature.”

“Spending time outdoors is essential to every child’s development, health and well-being,” states the charter’s website. “It builds a connection to our rich natural and cultural heritage. Kids connected to nature grow up caring for the Earth and helping to conserve biodiversity.”

Through the charter’s website,, kids and their families can explore outdoor activity options and suggestions and download an activity passport.

The charter is part of Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011 and ‘Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature, the Ontario Government Plan to Conserve Biodiversity.’

Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter partners include the Back to Nature Network, The Biodiversity Education Awareness Network (BEAN), Royal Botanical Gardens, Parks and Recreation Ontario,, Ontario Nature and the Fish and Wildlife Heritage Commission.

“Childhood is a time to play and explore,” Minister of Natural Resources David Orazietti states in a release. “The Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter reinforces the importance of children being outside to discover the wonders of nature. When we encourage a child to take part in outdoor activities, we help develop healthy habits and a lifetime of appreciation for Ontario’s biodiversity.”

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