Governments can talk all they want about fairness

Every kind of income needs to rise, fixed or not

To the Expositor:

These two levels of government we have are always talking about fairness. How come we have so many people depending on food banks now? Even the working people are depending on food banks; the food banks that are struggling to keep their shelves full. It’s the high demand that they are facing because income never goes up, but the cost of living keeps rising.

Then again there are wasteful spenders, buying material things that they do not really need. They end up having financial difficulties because of wasteful spending.

I buy what I need, I am very good at self-disciplining myself, I do not need material goods to make myself happy. But I still struggle with my income. I know there are responsible people who are like me but still struggle. It’s every kind of income that needs to go up whether it’s a fixed income or not, all incomes need to go up.

Ron Osawabine