Grandfather saddened by loss of penny

To the Expositor:

I had one of those cherished visits recently with my two grandsons, as only a grandparent can appreciate. I am sure there are many who share with me the excitement and pride with which you interact with the next generation getting ready to take their rightful place in the evolution of society.

Then something happened that sent a chill through me. You know that chill one gets when they feel that something is happening, about to happen or just not right? It came when my grandsons came running up to me, each holding a handful of pennies they had found in the couch by the television. Each wanted to know if they could keep their found treasure as they were saving up for various things.

That is when that feared “chill” came over me. The grandkids know the value of the lowly penny and now we have examples like Stephen Harper and Dalton McGuinty who are pleased to announce the elimination of that foundation of finance.

Mr. Harper has recently refused to answer the news media’s probes as to why three of his ministers, on a three-day visit in Europe, cost taxpayers over $23,000 for a limousine. Mr. Harper is unable, no won’t, be accountable to the Canadian public in regards to his minister’s fishing trips, and a long list of mismanagement of monies gone unanswered. It is in the billions.

Mr. McGuinty is also standing in that line of abusers who are legislated to be accountable to the public. The premier is turning educators and the medical profession upside down.

Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Harper are so busy slashing and burning the public monies in figures that no longer can be small enough to factor in pennies. It is in the millions and billions of dollars. They still have the option of having one school board for Ontario and saving over one billion in one year by exploring this road and still refuse to even look at what might work.

So, I am worried for my grandsons as the current ethical standard and credibility of our nations leaders is serving to place fear in my hopes for their futures.

Remember, a penny saved is a government oversight!

Larry Killens

South Baymouth