Grass fire responded to by Gore Bay Fire Department

Members of the Gore Bay volunteer fire department finish dousing a grass fire that took place at a location in Gordon/Barrie Island last week.

GORDON/BARRIE ISLAND – Members of the Gore Bay Fire Department responded to a grass fire in a Gordon/Barrie Island location on Thursday of last week.

“We responded to the fire call at 1:54 pm,” said Mike Addison, Gore Bay fire chief later that day. “It was a brush fire,” he said, noting that the cause of the fire could not be definitely determined but “was an accidental fire.” 

The fire started on the property owned by Tim MacTaggart at 10156 Highway 540, burning grass and bush in the backyard area of the property. The blaze caused some damage to a shed and some burn barrels, but did not spread to the house on the property. The home owner and others on the scene, “had things under control by the time we got there.” They used a number of water buckets to douse the fire and had a tractor with a bucket on it to help knock down the fire. “They did a lot to bring it under control and from spreading.” 

“One of guys from the Billings (township volunteer fire department) saw the fire and called the (Gore Bay) fire department guys in,” said Mr. MacTaggart.

Fortunately, the fire did not spread very far, and didn’t go near Mr. MacTaggart’s house on the property. No one was injured in the blaze.