Graveside service commemorates veteran Jack Marshall

A special graveside service held for veteran John (Jack) Marshall recently, recognizing his service with the American Army Air Corps in WWII. photos by Robin Burridge

LITTLE CURRENT— A special graveside service was held last month at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery in Little Current to commemorate veteran John (Jack) Marshall.

The service, led by Reverend Sherry De Jonge,  included a tribute from the Sergeant Charles Golden Silver Star Memorial Rifle Team and a presentation of the US flag and coin from the Legion in recognition and appreciation to the family of the late Jack Marshall.

“We all knew John as Jack,” said his brother Jeff Marshall. “Our dad’s family was from England and serviced with Canada in WWI. He was down visiting family in the United States when Jack was born which gave him dual citizenship and he served in the American Army Air Corps as a private, returning to Oakville where he resided until his death.”

“Jack was my oldest brother and both my other two brothers also served in WWII,” continued Mr. Marshall. “I wasn’t old enough (to serve in WWII), but I went on to serve in the navy.”

“Wayne Golden had a similar service for Charlie Golden, who was an American army veteran,” explained Mr. Marshall. “After the service, we showed him the tombstone for my brother and he said we should do a similar service for my brother.”

Richard Vinet from the American Legion was present to give the American flag and coin to the Marshall family.

“It is a pleasure to be here for this beautiful service and closure for the Marshall family,” said Mr. Vinet.

Jack Marshall’s son Greg and his family had travelled from Sault Ste. Marie to attend the ceremony.

“His military service is so far in the past it is refreshing to remember,” said Greg Marshall. “This is really nice and means a lot to the family. We appreciate the service.”

Greg and Jeff were joined by their other siblings Suzy Hall and Bonnie Lee for the service.

“This means a lot to me, to all of us,” added Jeff Marshall of the service.