Grocery store owners recognize tremendous effort of their employees during COVID-19

Outstanding employees! Employees of Dean’s Valu-Mart were recognized by management of the store for their tremendous efforts, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, last Friday. In photo are employees Kyle Temple, Rylee Cunningham, Abby Harper, Sarah Kelly, Joey Wemigwans, Damien Merrylees, Xander Bentley, Shelly Culmore, Chase Hester, Jean Pearson, Ivan Brandow, Robin Hache, Bailey Yaschuk-Middaugh. Not present were William Smith, Sarah McFadden, Ayriell Nodecker, Cindy Middleton and Mason Leighton.

GORE BAY—The operators of Dean’s Valu-Mart in Gore Bay took the opportunity to recognize the unsung heroes of their business during the COVID-19 pandemic last week—their employees. 

“Dean’s appreciates all that our staff has done in the last few months. They deserve all the credit for us getting through these difficult times during the last few months,” stated Shirley Moss, co-owner of the Gore Bay business with her husband Dean.

“We really wanted to recognize all our staff as essential workers and members of the community, and I think from the response we have received from customers, the community recognizes everything the employees have done here,” said Ms. Moss. She pointed out, “a number of community members have given the employees gifts, treats and monetary gift cards, as well as praise to acknowledge their efforts. Staff has been surprised but have been very appreciative that customers have gone out of their way to take the opportunity to recognize their efforts.”

“Even just kind words from customers gives the staff employees a sense of pride in themselves and the work they are doing,” said Ms. Moss. “Our employees have worked tirelessly, especially initially when COVID-19 hit, and no one was sure what was going to happen. And, along with recognizing the efforts of our staff we want to thank the community for being so patient through these difficult times and recognizing that the employees are doing the best they can.” 

“And with everything COVID-19, everyone pulled together in the community, for instance the Gore Bay Fire Department and firefighter Duncan Sinclair offering to deliver groceries locally to make sure people in the community are getting all the necessities,” continued Ms. Moss. 

Between the provincial guidelines and our own COVID-19 process in the store, you will see the employees wiping all door surfaces and grocery carts, freezer doors, the shipping area, regularly. And clerks are cleaning the checkout area regularly between every customer. All of this has now become routine for them,” said Ms. Moss, who presented each employee with a gift on behalf of Dean’s last Friday.  

Dean’s Valu-Mart’s employees list includes Kyle Temple, Rylee Cunningham, William Smith, Sarah McFadden, Abby Harper, Sarah Kelly, Joey Wemigwans, Ayriell Nodecker, Cindy Middleton, Damien Merrylees, Mason Leighton, Xander Bentley, Sherri Culmore, Chase Hester, Jean Pearson, Ivan Brandow, Robin Hache and Bailey Yaschuk-Middaugh.