Fred, Jim and Hans about to sit down to anniversary turkey dinner.

MELDRUM BAY—In 2017, the Hamilton Hunt Club (HHC) of Meldrum Bay celebrated 75 years of hunting in Meldrum Bay.  That means that the club has been in existence for half the time Canada has been a country.

Started in 1942 by a group of businessmen from Hamilton it has continued to be part of the community since its inception. The owner of the club, Fred Whitley, located at 11 Water Street, is a well-known accountant from Hamilton and the son of one of the founding members. This was Fred’s 70th hunt at the club and we celebrated the event by presenting him with a custom-made lamp to commemorate the occasion.

On Sunday, members Fred, Hans, Jim and Roy cooked a turkey dinner to further celebrate the occasion and enjoyed an apple pie with the number 75 alit. To celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday and the 75th anniversary of the HHC the senior man and owner of the club, Fred, is going to build a new garage. The earth moving aspect has been completed by Calvin Pearson of Providence Bay and after settling over the winter the construction of the building will begin.

“Hunting was not that good this year but we did not get skunked,” said Roy Ferguson, HHC spokesperson. “On the last day of the hunt, at 9:30 in the morning, guess who shot the buck? That’s right, 85-year-old Fred Whitley.”

“In closing, all the members of the club would like to thank the community of Meldrum Bay for their support and kindness over these past 75 years,” Mr. Ferguson said.