Heavy truck restrictions placed on Coventry Road


CENTRAL MANITOULIN – Responding to concerns voiced by local residents and a recommendation from the municipality’s roads committee, Central Manitoulin council passed a motion during the May 13 meeting of council aimed at limiting heavy truck traffic through the residential area serviced by Coventry Road.

The motion restricting heavy trucks from using Coventry Road was moved by Councillor Al Tribinevicius and seconded by Councillor Dale Scott.

“This bylaw doesn’t prevent loads of gravel coming in for property owners,” assured Councillor Steve Shaffer. 

Councillor Tribinevicius pointed out that the bylaw was aimed at heavy vehicles coming through the residential area from a nearby limestone quarry. He noted that there is a more appropriate route for those trucks to utilize that would not take them through a quiet residential area. “I think this is a good bylaw,” he said.

A second bylaw, moved by Councillor Derek Stephens and seconded by Councillor Steve Shaffer, sets the speed limit on Tracy Road, east of the intersection with Monument Road and the Deerfoot subdivision roads, at 50 kilometres per hour.

Councillor Stephens noted that this area of the municipality is primarily residential and the motion was in response to requests from residents.