Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II soon to be Canada’s longest-reigning Queen

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On Wednesday, September 9, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will become Canada’s longest-reigning Queen, surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

The Queen has been serving our country and the rest of the Commonwealth with dignity and diligence for more than 63 years. She brought a collective sense of unity and hope during 24 tours to every part of Canada. Indeed, she affectionately called Canada ‘home’ during a state visit to the U.S. and has stood with Canadians on numerous occasions of national importance.

The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust invites you to celebrate this milestone.

“We hope that Manitoulin can mark the day in an appropriate way. A parade, a concert, an announcement by the Town Crier at a public event, or a special remark in conjunction with other local celebrations for instance,” a press release from the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust states. “Large or small, it would be a good way to mark this milestone. If not on the Wednesday, then on the weekend that follows.”

Locally, The Township of Assiginack will be ringing the Knox United Church and St. Paul’s United Church bells, as well as the Assiginack Museum bell.

“We particularly invite you to participate in a nationwide bell-ringing ceremony which the CRHT is organizing,” the press release continues. “At 12:15 pm on September 9, municipalities, churches and other organisations across Canada are invited to ring their bells, play music, sound their fire engine sirens, etc. to mark the occasion. Feel free to spread the word.”