Highway 6 culvert tender to be approved April 28

ESPANOLA—Smooth passage through the only year-round link to Manitoulin through Highway 6 has been ensured with announced funding for the Black Creek culvert located under the connecting link on the outskirts of Espanola.

According to Joël Yusko, Espanola manager of public works, the tender will be ready to go out on April 7 and is expected to close on April 21.

“Tender approval from council is will likely take place on April 28,” noted Mr. Yusko. “Construction can start as early as May 4.”

The start date is still up in the air, however. “At this time we cannot confirm whether or not the contractor will commence at that time,” noted Mr. Yusko. “Presently the municipality is dealing with the mitigating factor of the migratory birds’ April 1 deadline. Turtle fencing will be in place by May 1. The culvert work is still restricted by fish spawning times of April 1 to July 15, so the municipality is unaware what time the contractor will start. I do believe that there is sufficient work to commence shortly after the award of the contract. There is some storm sewer work, rock remediation and the installation of the retaining wall.”

As to any traffic delays, Mr. Yusko remained uncertain. “I cannot comment (on traffic delays) at this time,” he said. “There are options available to the contractor to either to have traffic control via flagmen/signals or perhaps there is an opportunity to push the highway over onto the closed walkway to permit work and traffic flow moving evenly.”

In any event, the work is to expected to be completed by the end of September, the public works manager assured.