KILLARNEY—The Killarney Mountain Lodge officially celebrated its grand re-opening this past weekend, unveiling an updated look and renovations that have been ongoing since it was purchased earlier this year from longtime owners (since 1962) Maury and Annabelle East.

“The weekend was a great success,” the lodge’s new general manager Kelly McAree told The Expositor on Monday. “We invited a lot of past guests, neighbours, contractors and others who helped with the renovations. We wanted to celebrate all the hard work of everyone and invite people to come see the changes.”

The changes included a new logo, renovations and updates to the iconic carousel bar, renovations to the Pilot House, all new electrical and plumbing throughout the lodge, new marina (including docks), the rebuilding of the boathouse, new computer systems, new bedding for all of the rooms, outdoor kitchen and all new management staff.

The outdoor pool is a popular Killarney Mountain Lodge hangout.
The outdoor pool is a popular Killarney Mountain Lodge hangout.

“With the renovations we wanted to update the facility, but we wanted to keep the same rustic charm,” Mr. McAree further explained.

“We had tours of the lodge, free hors d’oeuvres, sampling menu items from our new menu designed by our executive chef, a fish fry, free mini massages from our massage therapist, music from Andy Lowe (who plays at the lodge five days a week) and the Bluez Brotherz of Sudbury, a bouncy castle for kids and fireworks to top off the day,” said Mr. McAree. “Throughout the weekend we had 600 people come through the doors.”

A special visitor was Ruth Fruehauf whose parents Roy and Ruth Fruehauf (of the Fruehauf Trailer Corporation) originally built the lodge in the 1950s as a corporate wilderness resort.

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Ms. Freuhauf with us,” said Mr. McAree. “She has actually offered the use of her family business’ sales team in the future for help with marketing and public relations.”

“It was my first time meeting Holden Rhodes (the new lodge owner) and he reminded me so much of my father—his inclusive nature and generosity,” Ms. Freuhauf told The Expositor. “The whole weekend was filled with joyous moments. It was just extraordinary seeing the lodge restored.”



The Expositor’s Amanda Little and her family of Gore Bay were one of the many groups that travelled from Manitoulin to attend the grand opening.

“We had a full boat and convoyed with three other boats from Gore Bay and met up at the lodge with two other boats from Little Current,” said Ms. Little. “The first thing we noticed was the new docks. They were very nice—eight feet wide and at least 20 feet long. We were very impressed. The dockhands were amazing too. We radioed ahead and they were waiting to dock the boats for us and were on-hand throughout our weekend anticipating all our needs.”

“The food was amazing too,” continued Ms. Little. “I packed a lot of food, but ended up bringing most of it back. We had delicious appetizers served to us all weekend and the new outdoor kitchen was really cool. My favourite was the mini bison burgers but the fish was really good too.”

Other highlights for Ms. Little’s group included free kayaking and paddleboard rentals throughout the weekend, the pool for her kids and the live music.

“The renovations were beautiful,” said Ms. Little. “Everything looked very nice, but they still maintained the lodge’s original feel.

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