How much more will we lose to austerity programs?

Vote for a better government on Election Day

To the Expositor:

Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have campaigned the idea of “austerity“ throughout this term in Parliament as our government. Austerity is defined as “severe simple living conditions,” according to my source of information. Harper has seen to it that many, perhaps most Canadians, have been subjected to this authority through several cutbacks in funding to such important areas as health care and education. At the same time he has given incentives to wealthy individuals and large corporations through tax cuts via cuts to environmental controls, savings plans increases and funding decreases to publicly owned/operated corporations. He has also entered into a number of agreements with other countries without public knowledge or input that are suspect of having little permanent good and possible significant loss to Canada as a whole. Facts show that we are worse off now in most areas of growth since this Harper government was elected than we were before in job creation vs. job loss, equality, health care, gross exports, government debt, personal income and household debt to list a few. How much more can we lose through these austerity programs before Canada ends up in total foreign control and we have a collapse of a once known and enjoyed Canadian standard of living? To get change for the better, vote for better government on Election Day.


Norris Valiquette

Little Current