Hydro outages throughout Ontario is God’s way to limit profits

To the Expositor:

Hydro outages throughout Ontario. Well I am not surprised about this because Hydro One is really getting greedy and God has a way of making them lose all those profits. They are making off while gouging citizens for their money because God will use the weather to bring down mankind. It may sound cruel but God has a way of controlling if he sees that it’s getting out of hand and hurting people and it will get worse until mankind smartens up, if ever, and if he does not they will pay dearly.

When they installed those smart metres they were telling citizens that they will save money, but that’s not the fact—the fact is they keep raising hydro rates so there are practically no savings for the average consumer. Then again they are planning to raise hydro rates again in January of next year, five dollars maybe, and those windmills were suppose to help but I guess they are just no good for nothing, just destroying the landscape or scenery.

Ron Osawabine