Ice Chips and Canoe Quips

The 18th edition of Central Manitoulin Public School’s (CMPS) Outdoors Club has come and gone to the top of the North Shore skyline. They went to the bottom of their patience for their classmates and ultimately came away as stronger people. 

The CMPS Outdoors Club trekked some 13 horizontal kilometers and several, additional vertical ones in the club’s annual three-day hike through the LaCloche foothills. I would challenge any other Grade 8 Manitoulin teens who can claim three days of 1200+ steps with at least 25 percent of their body weight on their back, two-plus days of 24-7 putting up with teachers, two-plus days of putting up with their contemporaries, two days of lodging, in supreme, close proximity with multiple acquaintances, not to mention accepting the food stylings of those who stepped up to provide the sustenance needed to bring their team through this ordeal. Okay, and many other unimaginable, uncomfortable early–teen experiences!

That being said I have to tip my hat to: Landon ‘Have you had enough of our class?’ Hare, Luke ‘There is no sense complaining’ Heinen, Garrett ‘I drink swamp water all the time’ Sheppard, Delaney ‘Can we just run the rest of the way’ Bridgeman, Zachary ‘Does this hill keep going up?’ Gibbons, Jaemie ‘Ice Cream’ Moor, Nikki ‘I’m not cold’ Cress, Ethan ‘maniacal laughing’ Cooper, Lydia ‘How much longer?’ Pennings, Ben ‘I’m bored’ Dewar, Rhys ‘…sure, I’ll carry your two liters of water’ Allison, Hayden ‘I know’ Young and Ben ‘This is so interesting’ Willis.

Although many accolades are deservedly directed at these young campers there absolutely cannot be enough superlatives available for the chaperones that make this bizarre trip possible. With a strict four-to-one ratio in effect, these martyrs put themselves in unusual situations for the greater good. Innumerable thanks to: Bill Cranston, Savannah Webb and Hailey Leblanc.

Island, Elementary, Junior Soccer Champions!

Missing from last week’s accounting of the Island Elementary Soccer Championships was the roster from the Junior A division-winning squad from Gore Bay’s C. C. McLean Colts. The red and white emblazoned side took the trophy at last week’s contest hosted by amazing facilitator Bruce Lindsay at Central Manitoulin Public School for the junior division.

Hats off to C. C. McLean’s Willow Fogal, Hailey Wadge, Tessa Merrylees, Ryder Lockyer, Cody Campbell, Amy Smith, Landon Siefried, Alexis McVey, Daphne Carr, Lily Cunningham, Rylan Lock, Corbin Best, Ethan Witty, Kyle Nodecker, Wyatt Williamson-Wright and Coach Laura Hagman.

18th Annual Classic looms

The Mindemoya Classic run, paddle and pedal triathlon is heading into its 18th offering and organizers are hoping for another great year. The event’s motto: “a challenge for everyone” still holds true and organizers encourage everyone to give it a try. The Classic is part of the annual Central Manitoulin Lions Club Homecoming weekend over the Canada Day long weekend. This year the race falls on Sunday, June 30 as it did way back in 2002. Come on out and fly the Red and White for Canada Day weekend!  

The event is a lot of fun with something from the ultra to the anti-competitive and all for a “can’t-be-beat” price. The race that started out as a co-ed team-of-four event only has grown to include an open pairs division as well as a solo race category. As part of a team you can choose to enter the relay version where a team of four will have one runner (5.5 km), two paddling a canoe (approximately 3.5 km) and finally, your fourth person will bike (13 km). A relay-pairs team will have one who runs, both paddling and one who bikes. The other way to complete the challenge is to try your hand and feet at the endurance race where all members of your team (fours, pairs or solo) complete each of the three legs with a team of four using two canoes.  

For more information check out the website at or search it on YouTube. You can see past years’ photos and results and pre-register (guaranteed t-shirt size on race day and five dollars cheaper!) all in one handy location. If you are still in search of a team or just need one more to make up that foursome drop an email to let organizers play matchmaker for you.

A good sport is good for sports