Ice Chips and Canoe Quips


Basketball is back for kids and adults!

Spring Bay and Providence Bay recently hosted a soccer league for kids in some of the first organized team sports available since COVID. Now, organizers will be hosting basketball at the Prov arena. They will be starting with the following: Thursday evenings, starting July 22, from 6-7 pm: basketball lessons (for those entering Grades 1-4 in September). Eventbrite link for registration:

Then from 7:15 to 8:15 pm, basketball lessons (for those entering Grades 5-8 in September). Eventbrite link for registration:

Tuesday evenings in the Prov arena starting July 27: 6-7 pm, basketball drop-in for ages 9-13; 7-8 pm, basketball drop-in for ages 14-18 and 8-9 pm; and basketball drop-in for ages 18-plus.

These are participant-driven, unstructured sessions. Participants can just shoot hoops or set up games. Registration for each week will be available through Eventbrite. The best way to get info is through the Providence Bay-Spring Bay Recreation Committee Facebook page.

As always, an undertaking such as this could always use more volunteers and if anyone is interested in helping out you can reach out through their Facebook page.

Fishing derby, another hit!

The Wiikwemkoong Anglers hosted their first bass derby of the season with another great turn-out with lots of fun and fish. The format for this event was for teams of two. There was a five fish limit and the fish must be released after weigh-in. 

The winning boat of Jonathan and Felix Flamand netted an astounding 21 pounds with their top five fish. That is an average of over four pounds each! It is quite the day usually if one person gets a four pounder, but five? Well it was worth $850. Taking second place was the married couple of Quinton and Kendra Recollet who boated 19.6 lbs and included the big fish (5.5) of the day. The pair won $500 for second and $200 for the largest bass. The angler who caught the biggun is a mystery at this point! It is a team, right? Someone had to net it! The third place boat with 18.2 pounds was Lorne Agawa and Ethan Flamand.

Next up for the Anglers is another bass tournament on Sunday, July 18 with the same format. The full rules are posted on their Facebook page. They include rules about sportsman ship such as not fishing closer than 50 feet and the use of artificial lures only. One change, however is the fishing boundaries for the derby. There will be a couple of no fishing zones for their future events. For more information check out their page or talk to one of the members. 

New Derby

The Wiky Anglers are also helping promote a virtual pike derby being centered out of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, just west of Sudbury. Dubbed the “Skoden Virtual Pike Derby” it is open to anglers who fish in any waterbody on Saturday, August 14. It is a fairly simple format. Anglers send in video submissions of the catch and release. This is quickly becoming a very familiar format in derbies, but if you are unfamiliar, you should have a look at their rules pinned in the discussion. The fee is $50 for each fishermen and $25 for kids 10 and under. 

The Attempt, part deux!

The paddling duo of Kristin Bickell and Natalie Hastings have restarted their huge challenge of paddling around all of Manitoulin’s inland lakes. In The Attempt’s first iteration they paddled all around Manitoulin’s coast line. As epic as that was the amount of distance circumnavigating the Island’s 100–plus lakes is much greater. Undaunted, Kristin and Nat are happily up for the challenge and often have landowner help with access and even the occasional third paddler (way to go, Ember!). 

The paddlers knocked off Long, Stones and North Pine lakes for their latest update. In total the three circumnavigations was another 21km to bring up their cumulative kilometres to 224. Surprisingly enough, many of Manitoulin’s smaller lakes have private ownership all around their shores and still need help accessing some of these lakes. If you can help them out search “The Attempt” on Facebook. Keep going, team!

Maguire leaves!

NHL analyst and former head coach Pierre McGuire is joining the Ottawa Senators as senior vice president of player development. Pierre as an analyst must be an acquired taste and many won’t miss his “monster” comments!

A good sport is good for sports.