Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

Let’s keep active together, apart!

There are a myriad of online fitness courses that you can sign up for, keep your distance and yet with OTR Fitness, you also get to support a local business! They have now converted their physical business in Little Current into a virtual one available everywhere on Manitoulin and in the world, I suppose.

They will be running regular Zoom classes through the week as well as a Saturday Sweat session. Sign up can be done a week at a time and the classes times will be as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 am, then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays at 5:15 pm and then on Saturday at 9 am.

Their cost is $5 per class. Please personal message them as to what classes you want to attend and then send your payment via email to You must sign up at the very least the day before to insure we have the time to get the proper link to you.

See more up-to-date information as well as some fabulous looking recipes at their ‘On the Rock Fitness’ page on Facebook. 

Shoutouts to those staying active?!

The Eshkawkogan family is always keeping in tip-top shape. Kohyn, after a shut-down of his AAA hockey season, is doing yoga, stretching, running and off-ice hockey training, basically doing his summer training earlier.

Sister Saraya is a competitive dancer is doing the same types of things. They’re both doing live virtual training and classes as well.

Keep it up, guys and stay safe.

If you know others that are similarly staying in elite shape or maintaining their own program to stay healthy please let me know at:

MHC asks for help

Although the Manitoulin Health Centre’s Ventilator Campaign will have technically have ended by press time, I’m sure any late donations would be welcomed. As of Monday, they had raised almost $70,000 out of its $80,000 goal. The MHC is in collaboration with their community partners, including First Nations, municipalities and businesses on the Island, and hopes to raise sufficient funds to purchase four new ventilators for our two hospital sites. 

Perhaps the push-up challenge, put out to Shihan Dan Fletcher’s Manitoulin School of Martial Arts students could be adapted to be a fundraiser through Facebook. Maybe a “penny per pull-up,” “two bits a burpee” or “lunges for loonies?” 

I know some very active technologically savvy and entrepreneurial students that have some time on their hands of late. What challenge can you come up with to buy new ventilators for our hospitals? 

Where are they now?

I was very pleased to have throwing expert Joseph Maxwell reach out and give me an update on where he is at athletically. In his early teens, Joseph skyrocketed to local prominence as he obliterated the Island elementary shot-put mark as well as serving notice in the Legion track and field meets.

As a high school-aged athlete, he expanded his sports yet extended his intensity becoming nationally ranked in the shot as well as the discus and javelin. Thanks to his largely self-directed training and a work-out facility built at his family’s Evansville property, he continued to rise. At the Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg in 2017 he won the gold medal in the shot put and the silver in the javelin! With that kind of attention he was courted by several US schools for scholarships and accepted one from the University of Tennessee.

Joseph currently reports the following. “I have had a really successful last couple of years. I won the bronze and silver at the indoor and outdoor SEC championships in 2019 and won gold at the indoor championship this year in February. I finished 17th at this championship my first year of school so I’m really happy with this progress. 

The NCAA outdoor season has been cancelled and the Olympic postponed so I probably won’t compete again this year. I’ve taken a little time off but am back to some light training this week. I’ll gradually ramp up to get ready for next year. Ultimately my goals next year will be to win the NCAA championship and qualify for the Olympics.”

We are all pulling, putting and pushing, Joseph. Good luck from Manitoulin!

A good sport is good for sports.