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Where are they now?

It is getting increasingly difficult to get a lot of sports news. My Dad has therefore written an extended, ‘Where are they now’ on a most deserving athlete, Lawrence Enosse.

He wasn’t exactly big physically but he was in every other way in playing sports, hockey, fastball, track and field, volleyball and virtually every sport he attempted. Today, recognizing his ability to create, organize and promote, Lawrence Enosse was selected by the Wiikwemkoong band as their go to youth advocate. He now presides over the vast majority of kids and youth sports in the community and is also a band councillor.

I met this lad when he came to play with the Manitoulin Panthers in his peewee years. To that point, he had honed his skills with the Wiikwemkoong Hawks where he developed into a multi-faceted skater and a 200-foot end-to-end dynamo. I had seen Lawrence only a few times when he skated for the Hawks in novice and atom. I was aware that he scored a lot but was ignorant about his multiplicity of skills.

When he hit the NDHL (Nickel District Hockey League) his many strengths exploded immediately. Lawrence was a force in every game he played, the model of consistency. Of course we knew he could score, which he continued to do at a high rate, but how was he was so well-rounded? What an eye-opener.

This young man at 12 years old was a battering ram on skates. He didn’t always skate around the defense, which he was capable of doing, but more often simply skated through the d-men. He was a wrecking ball on skates. He was also the Energizer Bunny in a hockey uniform if you got by him once. Opposition players had to be ready to encounter him twice more before you got to the net. Indeed he was the embodiment of what broadcasters referred to as a power forward. In the corners and in front of the net you were going to get legitimately hit.

He was a true team player which comes in handy in his present job. If he scored a hat trick but we lost he was melancholy but if we won whether he had a point or not he was ecstatic. Twice he dominated as the Panther peewees won the Region 7 Silver Stick championship in Sudbury. Although we didn’t win the championship in Port Huron/Sarnia he sparkled again and again. On one occasion, playing the Listowel Cyclones we were down three to one going into the third period in a game we had to win to advance. No problem, Lawrence promptly scored a hat trick in the third period to seal the victory. It was his standard clutch performance.

Mr. Enosse, in the two years he played Panthers, helped us to many a tournament victory and was always in the top point getters in the NDHL; no wonder he was team captain. Over the years he was also a star in the Little NHL tournament. He was a top scorer as a player and won championships both as a player and later as a coach.

After peewee Panthers Lawrence went on to play AAA Bantam in Sudbury for the Wolves. In his final year they won the championship of the Great North Midget League with Lawrence leading the team in points by a good margin. Proving his versatility, he even had the best goals-against average among team goalies! In an Ottawa AAA tournament, his team lost both goalies to illness and injury. Lawrence volunteered to take on the challenge. Arguably the most difficult position in sports, lo and behold he painted a shut-out. It was only one game but the young man has a 0.00 GAA in AAA competition! Anything for the team.

The achievements and accolades are too many to outline here but be assured there are many. He even won the top coaches award when coaching the Panthers in the NDHL. However, before that coaching accomplishment Mr. Enosse contributed to his past minor hockey junior teams. First he was offered a spot with the Clarkson University Division I team in New York which he turned down in order to play Junior A for the Elliot Lake Vikings. Then, while going to Trent University in Peterborough he skated for another junior team in that area. After transferring to Laurentian University in Sudbury he played for the Espanola Screaming Eagles Junior A. After that stint he went on to attend Queens University taking youth development studies. He’s the master of arranging fun activities be at hockey tournaments, 3-on-3 tournaments, coaches clinics, kids’ fun days and numerous fundraising activities for youth programs, the week-long canoeing/camping OYATE adventures etc.

Meanwhile, Mr. Enosse has been in other sports, too many to comment in here in any depth; however, fastball is his second love as his father, David-baa, instilled the fire in Lawrence for this sport. David-baa was a great sports enthusiast for the community and passed on this love of sport to his son Lawrence.

As I write this I am informed that Lawrence has recently been promoted (he’s always on an upward track) to program manager at the Wikwemikong Health Centre. Congratulations, Lawrence we know that your ball championships with the Kaboni Tigers would take you far.

Post script: No article about Lawrence would be complete without mentioning his children: Aurora, Trent, Addison and Bentley, who he loves dearly. He seems to be also building his own sports team!

If you have been staying fit in these quarantine times or know of someone who is, please drop me a note at the address below. 

A good sport is good for sports.